Arve Moen Bergset (Voice)

Arve Moen Bergset was born in 1972.
Five years later his family settled in Vinje in Telemark, a County with a strong tradition of Norwegian folk music.
He gave his "kveding" (Norwegian traditional folk-singing) debut during the Norwegian National Gramophone Awards broadcast in 1987, and the following year he received an award himself in the catagory of traditional music for his record "Arvesølv".
Since then he has made three recordings with the folk-group "Bukkene Bruse", and - in his other capacity as Hardanger fiddle player - two concerto recordings of music by Geirr Tveitt and Johan Kvandal.
As a violinist Arve has played with, amongst others, the Oslo and Bergen Philharmonic Orchestras, and is one of the artistic directors of the "Vinterfestspill i Bergstaden" festival in Røros in Norway.